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Quality mushroom seeds are necessary for successful in Mushroom cultivation. ‘Eco-care & Aware’ has taken initiative in providing quality seeds to interested farmers in the name of Eco-Mushroom. Basically we provide two types of mushroom seeds namely Paddy Straw and Oyster(Prepared in Bottles, see Picture). Paddy straw Mushroom are grown throughout the year in Odisha. But Oyster mushroom are generally grown in winter season only. These two types of mushroom can also be grown throughout the Indian Subcontinent.

We can deliver quality Mushroom Seeds at the following Locations (by Bus) :

Odisha : Throughout the state Odisha (All district head quarters)
Chhatisgarh : At Raipur & Bhilai
Jhadakhand : At Ranchi, Jamsedpur (Tata)
Andhra Pradesh : At Visakhapatanam(Vizak / Waltior), Vizianagaram, Vijayawada & Rajamundry
Telengana : At Hyderbad
West Bengal : At Kolkata, Durgapur & Asansol

We can also deliver to other areas through courier services or by Train.

Contact for Buying Mushroom Seeds/ Spawn :

Abhishek Kumar Sadhu
Programme Manager, ECO-MUSHROOM
M- 8249857632 / 7873580870 


Unlike other agriculture practices, mushroom farming(Paddy Straw) has a production cycle of only 15 days. ie farmers can get  their return from mushroom farming within 15 days, that too 3-4 times of their initial input cost. Cost per bed is about  60-70 rupees(INR) and Yield from one bed is appx. 1 kg to 1.5 kg ie  about Rs. 200/- (INR) return as  per market price of mushroom. So farmers can get net profit of of 130/-  or atleast Rs. 100/- profit per bed (deducting all the risk factors) within 15 days.

Farmers/Entrepreneurs having 3-4 decimal (1200 sq. ft) of land can earn monthly profit of Rs. 20,000/-per month through paddy straw mushroom cultivation. Paddy straw cultivation beds are laid out under well ventilated shed(shed of any material) having its four sides covered by Jute bags, bamboo mats or vertiver root mats (Bena Chera) or any other net for good ventilation of air. A shed of 1000 sq ft. can support 100 beds(Paddy straw) per 15 days(production cycle) or 200 beds per month.

So the Profit per month from 1000 sq. ft bed
=Rs 100 profit per bed x 200 beds per month)
= Rs. 20,000/-

(as one bed can produce 1 kg of paddy straw mushroom giving profit return of Rs.100.)


  Paddy Straw Mushroom Cultivation Process Video

Oyster Mushroom Cultivation Process Video


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  2. I want to start business in punjab help me

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  4. I want to start this business in Madhya pradesh plz suggest me where I do training..

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  6. i want to start business in kolkata.Kindly reply me in

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  8. I want to start mushroom farming in Bhutan on paddy straw mushroom and Oyster mushroom, problem here in my country is not getting a mushroom spown, kindly let me know can u supply me spawn or

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  10. Can you supply me oyster and padfy straw mushroom spawn

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  12. I want to start mushroom farming in Bhutan on paddy straw mushroom and Oyster mushroom, problem here in my country is not getting a mushroom spown, kindly let me know can u supply me spawn or


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Contact for Buying Seeds / Spawn

CONTACT - 08249857632

Contact for buying Mushroom

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Contact - 08249857632

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Services and Payment Norms

We are now providing Paddy Straw(Volvariella volvacea or Volvaria volvacea or Agaricus volvaceus), Oyster (Pleurotus ostreatus) and Milky mushroom spawn technology.

The total expenses for the equipments, accessories and services is INR Rs. 1,50,000.00 (excluding the delivery expenses). A part from this you have to make some on the site arrangement. We are taking an advance of 60% of the total amount i.e. Rs. 90,000.00 in the form of cheque/DD or organisational account deposit (Bank Acct. details given below). Rest Rs. 60,000.00 along with delivery charges will be paid after the delivery and installation of equipments. Within one week of receiving the advance our experts will move to your area with the equipments and accessories. They will give you details of layout of units, and practically demonstrate and orient you on spawn production and mushroom cultivation. If necessary two of your delegates will be demonstrated and be trained here in Bhubaneswar for two days. after completion of layout and installation, our master trainers will train your personnel on the site for 12 days.

Spawn unit set up in case of Govt. Projects or Govt. Institutes can be proceeded by drawing upon an Contract/Agreement which require no advances; payment only as per progress.

Bank Account Details :

Eco-care and Aware
Acct. No. - 10173713601

IFS Code- SBIN0003341
State Bank of India
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